How to Facilitate a Board Meeting Online

As the world becomes more aware of the benefits of virtual collaboration The number of board meetings that are held online is growing. This is an excellent way to connect your members and eliminate the geographical limitations that could otherwise force them to travel for meetings. There are a few obstacles to overcome when transitioning to this new method. Boards can facilitate a full participation at board meetings that are held remotely by planning ahead and employing smart facilitation.

It’s important that, in addition to deciding on the agenda for the meeting, everyone has the technology they require to take part. It’s a good idea to ask participants to be given an access test link and login information in advance. They should also be asked to muffle their microphones when they are not speaking. This will reduce background noise, and allow them to hear the person who is speaking. It is also a good idea to ask participants to adhere to a conversation protocol. hand-raises to get the attention of the group) and also to limit multitasking, which can create confusion during the meeting.

One of the most difficult aspects of virtual board meetings is to create the sense of comfort that is normally present in face-to-face meetings. Icebreakers are one method to foster connection. Ferrazzi Greenlight has, for instance, created a series of exercises that can be carried out during a videoconference like a “sweet and bitter check-in” where participants share something about which they are grateful, and another with which they are struggling professionally or personally. This facilitates a more open and vulnerable discussion that could help to foster relationships between board members.